We help foreign undertakings to incorporate a company, its branch or representation in Norway.

We have helped many Eastern European companies to start business in Norway and are providing them with full-service accounting and financial consultation services right now. Our authorized accountants know several languages to be able to communicate with you, if you do not know Norwegian, to fully represent your interests in Norway. We provide consultations before incorporation of your company and provide all the required accounting and financial services for full functioning of the company in Norway:
  • Registration of the company in Norway–Norwegian Registered Foreign Company (NUF);
  • VAT – representation;
  • Registration of employees in Norway;
  • Applying for ID card;
  • Invoicing;
  • Planning of operational budget;
  • Tax advisory services.

Registration of the company in Norway

Registration of the company in Norway We help foreign undertakings to choose the most appropriate form of company to start your business, open your branch or representation in Norway. We advise on the specifics of each form of the company with regard to payment of taxes, accounting, financial turnover and other matters important for undertakings. We prepare all the necessary documents to be submitted to brønnøysund register (brønnøysundregistrene) – name of establishment. We register the following types of companies:
  • Limited company (AS);
  • Norwegian branch of a foreign company (NUF).

Norwegian Registered Foreign Company (NUF)

To start business in Norway, you can register as Norwegian Registered Foreign Company (NUF), a form of a company specifically designed for foreign undertakings.

What is NUF?

NUF is a special form of a company, which is designed for foreign undertakings, willing to start business in Norway. In this way, they register a branch of your company in Norway, which is subject to the Norwegian law and the tax collection and payment system. No share capital is required to register a NUF. Our specialists will explain you the nature of NUF, legal rules referring to it, and will help to prepare all the required documents for you to register your NUF.

VAT representative in Norway (VAT representation)

The companies, which sell their goods and services in Norway and the turnover of which exceeds NOK 50,000, should be registered as VAT payers. If you do not want to establish a branch of your company in Norway, you need a representative – a Norwegian VAT representative. We offer to be a representative of your company in Norway, because we are a VAT payer, which is registered in the country, and we have the right to offer this service and to undertake responsibility. Our specialists will explain you the procedure of registration of VAT representative in Norway, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as all the processes related to monthly accounting matters, rights, opportunities and obligations of your company.

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Registration of employees in NorwayRegistration of employees in Norway

According to the law, any salaried employee of your company in Norway should be registered in the Register of Employers and Employees. Any employee working longer than 7 days and 4 hours per week should be registered in the State Register. Also, any person employed in Norway should have its ID card. We help to prepare all the documents to register your employee. We also advise and inform you as an undertaking or its employee about all the liabilities of the employee and the employer according to the Norwegian law.

Applying for ID card

Any salaried person in Norway should have own ID card. We ensure submission of all the documents to get a status of a company having the right to request ID cards for its employees, as well as we prepare all the necessary documents to apply for an ID card for each employee of your company.


We provide the invoicing service and forwarding of invoices to their addresses by e-mail or post. The only thing you should do is to inform us about the content of your invoice – we will do the rest for you. We will immediately post issued invoices and, if you wish, will follow their payment status.

Planning of operational budget

Thanks to our knowledge of the Norwegian tax system, laws, our experience in the work with other companies and knowledge in the financial area, we will help you to plan your company’s budget. Our specialists will advise you and help you to create the most efficient budget plan, so that when you enter the Norwegian market, could justify this step, when executing small and large financial plans.

Tax advisory services

We consult foreign undertakings in Norwegian tax payment and optimization matters. We prepare tax reports according to the requirements of Income Statement 1 and Income Statement 2 for you to submit them on time. Based on our experience in Norway and professional knowledge, we help to create a tax plan according to the specifics of your company, which is especially important for international trading companies and

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