We know our strengths. We focus on principal operations of our company – provision of accounting services to small and medium companies.

And if you entrust accounting of your company to us, you can also focus on principal operations of your company – trade, production, provision of high-quality services. We believe that the saying “everyone to his trade” is true, that efficient delegation of work to professionals is a key to company’s success.
“Our goal is to provide you with such a quality of services to let you focus on your principal operations. It is our duty to consult, recommend, warn, inform and maintain accounting of your company”.

Alexey Don, regnskapsfører

Our company’s team

Alexey Don


Certified public accountant Tel.: (+47) 467 82 369 E-mail: alexey.don@norus-regnskap.no

Accountant Alexey Don is a qualified lawyer and economist with professional experience from both Russia and Norway. His legal and financial knowledge and experience in working with major international customers make a vital contribution to the company’s accounting services, which thereby guarantees an even wider field of expertise and offers customers services of even greater quality than those offered by companies offering accounting skills alone.

Anna Halvorsen


Certified public accountant E-mail: post@norus-regnskap.no Anna is a tax expert and a certified public accountant. She holds an MBA degree from Tartu University in Estonia and she completed further studies at Østfold University College. She has more than 10 years of experience in accounting and taxation in Norway. She holds courses in taxation and in accounting that are designed particularly for small and medium-sized businesses. She is an active member of BPW Follo (a network for female entrepreneurs and managers), where she is a member of the board.

Marija Morfjord


Tel.: (+47) 400 46 574 E-post: marija.morfjord@norus-regnskap.no Maria is educated accountant. In addition, she is continuing her studies in Economics at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. Professional skills, as well as experience working with companies from different areas, make Maria a high-performance specialist at Norus Regnskapsbyrå AS.

Svetlana Perepecina


Tel.: (+47) 486 64 756 E-post: Svetlana.perepecina@norus-regnskap.no Svetlana is educated Economist from Lithuania. She has a Bachelor Degree in Economics and Business Administration with spesiality in Finance. She has good proffesional skills and experience in Accounting both from Lithuania and Norway.

Julia Petina

E-post: julia.petina@norus-regnskap.no Julia studied accountancy in Norway. She is experienced, responsible and has a great focus on consulting services.Julia’s knowledge and skills recommend her for high quality of accounting services and a great support to our clients.

Agne Lavickiene


E-post: lavickiene.agne@norus-regnskap.no Agne is a responsible and accurate employee with good communication skills. Her knowledge and experience in accounting and economics define her as a dedicated accountant. She is constantly looking for improvement and a more efficient activity of our clients.

Skaiste Mikalauskiene


E-post: skaiste.mikalauskiene@norus-regnskap.no Skaiste’s knowledge and experience from different accounting systems, as well as her interest on numbers and financial advising recommend her as an efficient accountant. She’s a great support of our clients on decisions regarding VAT, taxation and accurate bookkeeping.


 SkatteEksperten AS

We have extensive experience in accounting and consultancy for companies in Norway established both by Norwegian and foreign businessmen. Together, we can help you navigate your business through a sea of regulations and tax statutes in Norway.